Welcome to communications GmbH
Frankenwerft 15
D-50667 Cologne
Fon: +49 221 27 22 450

You arrived by plane. The taxi driver looks at you questioningly. „Frankenwerft 15“ is your short and precise reply. Nothing is easier.

Your train stopped at the central station. You can jump into a taxi. Or you take a short walk. Simply go down to the Rhine river, then turn left. Enjoy the beautiful promenade and stroll for about 750m to arrive at number 15. 

Your car is approaching Cologne. From the north and the south via the highway A3. At the cross „Köln-Ost“ drive to the direction „Zentrum“, then take the exit „Deutz (Messe)“. Via the bridge „Deutzer Brücke“ turn immediately right into the parking garage „Heumarkt“. Surface to the „Heumarkt“. In front of the rider’s statue turn left, about 100 m down to the river Rhine. Walk another 100 m left and you arrive. Via the highway A4 coming from the direction Olpe? The same way.

You arrive via the A59 or the A4 from the direction Aachen? At the cross „Kreuz Gremberg“ drive to the direction Köln-Deutz. Having driven under the „Kölnarena“ head to the bridge „Deutzer Brücke“. See above.

Remains the A57 coming from north. Direction „Zentrum“, towards the cathedral. Passing the central station use the street „Rheinuferstraße“, direction „Severinsbrücke“. Directly after the tunnel, turn right twice and you will arrive at the parking garage „Heumarkt“. The rest as above.

In general, you can always head for the cathedral, in the heart of Cologne. From there it takes only a few minutes to reach us. We are looking forward to seeing you.