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CDU Wipperfürth.
Making a rural area appealing.

For decades, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) has been the strongest local political force in Wipperfürth. It has helped to make the area a pleasant and charming place to live. Many things have gone well. People today are proud of their town and the surrounding villages, but times are changing. There is a need to find intelligent ways to manage issues such as demographic transition, transport links to rural areas, development of the digital infrastructure and much more. The CDU in Wipperfürth is working to make the area a better place to live every day. supported the town committee when it came to defining, structuring and formulating the political offer. Working with the political party, established the right brand essence as well as a surrounding programme with a campaign entitled ‘CDU Wipperfürth – So geht Heimat.’ (CDU Wipperfürth: how home should be). They also conceived and produced all online and print activities.