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Vereinigte Hagel.
Focusing on the beauty of agriculture.

With over 100,000 members, Vereinigte Hagel insurance company is one of the largest mutual societies in the agricultural industry. Members are annoyed by the fact that agriculture is usually presented to the public with a focus on problems. The management team at Vereinigte Hagel wanted to make a positive statement in the opposite direction. Why a photo contest? A picture can tell a thousand words, conveying beauty better than any argument. Images are also processed faster, trigger emotions and stay in the mind. A photo competition is interactive. The more people open their eyes as they travel through the countryside, focusing on the positive aspects and taking pictures of what they see, the sooner agriculture itself will appear in a positive light. A photo competition also enables people who are affected to get involved. The development of the campaign brand, competition concept, online tools, communications and event management – or in short the entire undertaking – was overseen by c.i.a.green.